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about the app

Lighter Footprint is designed to help people build better habits—for themselves, and the planet.



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How It Works


Whether it be how happy we feel or our impact on the planet, the things we do everyday matter. But sometimes, the better choice isn't clear. What's better: buying local or organic? What's worse: having steak every night or driving to work every morning?

The Lighter Footprint app helps you make changes that improve your life, and the environment. Backed by the latest scientific data, see how little habits can make a big difference.


“Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life.”

—gretchen rubin, better than before

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App Features



Complete a fun, five minute quiz that helps set your baseline ecological footprint, and clarify what matters to you.



The app then suggests tailored, personal goals that benefit you, and the planet.



Checking in at regular intervals, the app tracks your progress and celebrates your successes.



With the app’s group features, give kudos to your colleagues or classmates when they make green choices.

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Who It’s For



The Lighter Footprint app can help you live a healthy, happy life, in ways that are tailored to you, and where you live.



The app helps companies that value sustainability to incorporate positive green habits into their workplace culture.



Groups passionate about the environment can use the app in their ecological footprint reduction programs.



The Lighter Footprint app is designed to be fun, engaging, and easy to use, making it an ideal teaching tool.


Why It Matters


We know our habits have ripple effects, but those ripples aren’t always clear. By showing exactly how our actions ripple out, we can design our habits to benefit ourselves and the planet.

By taking a light-hearted yet evidence-based approach to ecological impact, the Lighter Footprint app helps people chose from a dizzying array of options, empowering communities in Vancouver and beyond.


“Learning to choose is hard… Learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still.”

—Barry Schwartz, the paradox of choice

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Thank You

This project is supported by PHD research undertaken by Dr. Jennie Moore and generous funding from BCIT, REFBC, and Vancity.

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